Riley Davies was born in 1997 in Baltimore, Maryland and subsequently raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick. At an early age, she was deeply moved by nature’s diverse forms, textures and how humans expressed this appreciation through art, architecture, and the stories of pagan deities. She explored these concepts at the University of British Columbia where she studied archaeology, philosophy and anthropology. Growing up, Davies was constantly surrounded by family members creating textile crafts such as knitting and quilting. Combining the influence of her studies, nature, and personal background, she is currently specializing in silk screen design at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Using a multimedia approach, she constantly explores innovative ways to relay the interaction between humans, nature, and their modern day context. Riley envisions herself creating wearable art as well as fine art in the future development of her craft.

For inquiries about purchasing, or collaboration, email me in the contact section or find me on instagram @rileygwynethart.