Defend the Sacred

This piece was drawn three days before the Full Moon of December 13 2016 under Gemini. It is titled Defend the Sacred.

Dream symbolism associated with this piece – dragon, horse, mother, moon, fire, mountain, eagle, abortion.

“Where were you when the Earth Mother called for help?

Maybe sitting by the fire, or sleeping beside the one you desire.

I was waking up from a dream where I was pregnant but the children were not healthy, you see.

I was impoverished and alone, with twins begging for help from inside their only home.

Every time they moved I felt my womb exercise deeper pains,

Where were the women? There was no one to help.

I was all alone in the bathroom when they cried to please let them out.

As I stood up in the mirror, the image couldn’t have been clearer.

My womb was abandoned, my children were phantoms.

I was covered in a dark bruise where my babies had once amused themselves.

I stood alone in total shock, and no one came to knock, to assist me, to aid me.

Where were you when you felt your mother disassociate from her babies?”

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Stand with standing rock:


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