Drawn around the time of the final New Moon of 2016 under Capricorn

“I want you to look at yourself and see what unfolds.

What do you whisper to yourself, what are your hopes upon getting old?

I never thought myself one to reject the messages of my soul,

So I watched it unravel and multiply rapidly,

I am endless and vast and I don’t control its expansion.

There are most definitely secrets that I keep,

But none that I can hide from me.

So I whispered to myself a little melody to help get me through the day,

Yes, sometimes life does feel like a maze,

Maybe it’s because your gaze is trapped outside of yourself,

you’re unsettled and calling for help,

but the key resides inside,

looking left and right there is no where to hide from what is in your mind.

I looked down and I saw the white turn into yellow, orange, red,

And I saw the purple expand outwards from the top of my head

until I was suddenly gazing down upon something I thought I’d never see.

My higher spirit was always holding me. ”


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