Can They See Us


Do you remember the knowledge?

The messages of the trees that is carried in the sea breeze?


We have abandoned our kin,

Our ancestors,

Our Roots

Those who give us breath and belly as we nursed in the womb.

Those who feed us the fruit,

The seeds of truth.

Those who give us a home,

Who placed warm skin and flesh upon our bones.

What have we done to our mother?

We silence her voices in

their multiplicity, and diversity,

We set fire to her in all of our childish rage,

Human loathing and self pitying ways.

We gag her,

We rape her,

Our phallic tendencies probe endlessly

For the plunders of her spirit,

Of what she cares for dearest.

We steal her gold,

We do not respect or care for her soul.

This relation has transpired into an abomination.

We must stitch her wounds,

Place medicine in her womb,

Allow space for the voices of truth,

The ones our ancestors knew.

Messenger trees:

Thoughtful eyes look into me.

You can see her faces on their leaves.

Do not fight, only believe.

Yes, the message has been received.



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