Self Projection


This piece was drawn the week of the first full moon of 2017 under the star sign Cancer.


The connection a woman shares with the moon is intimate and rare.

To each soul, she swoops in and scoops up gold.

Every day I surrender my soul to the power of the moon, and all the secrets she holds.

I feel her every day sinking under my skin, and reminding me of where I begin.

There are no secrets you can keep from her, there is only your transformation which is foreseen to her.

Last night she dripped her milk into my chest and from it I awoke from a hasty rest,

I became her, and she became me, my mind was overwhelmed, my vision was free.

Sensational projections still protect me, there was never an answer I sought that wasn’t without her hands sowing the seeds.

With the flick of a wrist, a witch’s wish will make you twitch,

When you look into her eyes, sensations project down to your thighs

With every touch of the nail, the moon ebbs like the ocean seas,

If you get too close, you’ll feel her move from me to you.

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