Phoenix Tears



I wonder where my love resides,

Across a hilltop on the mountainside?

I wonder if she hears the rumbling call,

Or feels silence in the midst of rain fall.

I bet she sings songs to tame the wind,

With elegant eyes and whimsical spins.

I bet she dances and collides into the moon and the night,

Her energy I crave with every beam of light.

Perhaps she is perched on the sand waving to the sun over the land,

And while doing so dips her toes into the salt water,

connecting to the womb of her mother.

Perhaps she stands tall like a tree,

With the sun beaming erectly upon her leaves.

I know the birds will listen to her call,

Not fearing the fact she is the biggest of them all.

Without her touch I am a lost wanderer

within a broken land,

I sing hollow tales like white ink,

upon the freshness of the salted sand.

I will wallow and weep

Until my loon calls for me.

I will crouch to the fire in the night

And whisper to her desires of which I fight.

Somewhere my love is listening,

Somewhere the wind is whispering,

Arching, the moon will rise above the hillside,

To the place where her call is residing.

 Alas a rainbow appeared up above,

Finally, I was not alone in my love,

To her I melted like the snow in spring,

And called to her with my ivory white wings.

I soared up high, above the peak of the mountain where the tides reside,

I felt gold drip down through my Fire eye,

Phoenix at last had found infinity in the sky.

I wander to the land where there is fire in the sky,

I sing to the land where hope has been lost in time,

I fall to my knees as my darling love approaches me,

With bruises of an unparalleled kind.

I am lost in the gaze of her kind eyes.

Figures forge out of my blackened hand,

I would never have spoken a tongue of ill omens upon her land.

How is it boldness spoke to me?

Like the widow filled with the rage of a husband lost at sea?

I spoke in sun and spirit when sky kissed my lips.

My gut found no ill faith in my lady of the lake,

How was it love was never to see sun or day?

Oh, how her body lay gracefully under my moonlit gaze.

Only a fool would leave the moon behind,

Your breath is magick,

one of which I’ve longed for my life with.

High and low, I looked for your glow,

As above and so below,

As within, so without,

A swarm of bees lit my orange peach mouth.

I would not let my love be raped by the greed of man,

Yet cruelty gave way to the oncoming days

Where new boats washed upon our sand, my love.

Filled with fear I looked into your eagle eye,

I searched your elegant mind

That tickled the deepest corners of my eyes.

I searched for your hope that you filled me with,

I searched for the power of your moonlit kiss,

My body felt no warnings when

By power of dawn the sand caved in,

The fire hushed the sky, and with your love as my guide,

I felt the end begin.

Darling, your love startled me.

And my mind was never free before I found you.

Maybe I was selfish to love you,

But my heart was never the same under the black moon.

You were the lover who called Phoenix to the stars

You saw me coming,

And to that my heart is never far.

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